Montrose Point

You get a little bit of everything at Montrose Point—the beach, a nature filled bird sanctuary that makes you wonder if you've left the city, and a stunning skyline view. You can even enjoy a drink beachside at The Dock afterwards. 


Fullerton Beach

This is one of the best locations if you are looking for a gorgeous skyline background and a sandy beach. This is a short walk from the Lily Pool or North Pond, which is great if you want do multiple locations.


Lily Pool

A hidden gem and one of my favorite spots in Chicago, this serene spot is perfect for a relaxing session. Here, you will find a small waterfall and beautiful designs inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright.


North Pond

Children love this location because they often see turtles and ducks and enjoy being out in nature. Along the walkway that encircles the pond you will find wooden benches, wildflowers, a playground, an entrance to the pier over the water, a gazebo, and the Nature Museum. 


Nature Boardwalk

The Nature Boardwalk has a great balance of nature and city scenes, which makes it a popular photo spot. The focal point of this location is the eye-catching pavilion seen in the photo below.  

Your Home

Sometimes the best location is home-sweet-home, where your unique style and treasured objects can make the photos that much more special. An added bonus is that children are more relaxed at home, making it even easier to get the perfect candid shots.